Photography Exhibition at the Embassy of Spain

Cheryl Maeder
Spanish Inspirations: Photographic Impressions

Cheryl Maeder was born in California. She has a successful photography business in San Francisco, CA. She has had several shows and won several awards and has major corporations as her clients. AT&T, Bank of America, Calvin Klein, Sony, Northwest Airlines, Marriott Hotels and VISA are among her many clients. As a photographer, her style is modern, versatile in its range, experimental, and capable of sublime beauty.

During a trip to several villages in Costa Brava, Spain during the summer of 1999, Cheryl Maeder found out that “photographing out of focus with blurred images cause the viewer to see the entire image and not just focus on any one detail in the scene.” She later found out that “these same villages where the same towns where Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Derain and others came to paint from their inspirations. Although Paris was where many of their paintings sold, their inspiration for Modern Art came from these very same villages in Spain.”

The exhibition consists of 22 photographs taken in Spain, Harlem, NY and South Beach, Florida using the same technique. This exhibition was organized by International Arts Management and was sponsored partly by First Union Bank.

Flyer for the exhibition (PDF)

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